Mission Statement: 

Our philosophy is that Humans were born to be in contact with plants and nature.  Plants are good for human health and happiness and gardens are an important part of the home.

Our goal is to create sustainable gardens (utilizing practices that do not negatively impact future generations) that not only extend the living areas of a home and create an environment specific to the clients needs & desires, but also to exceed those expectations and draw the homeowner into a relationship with their yard through the seduction of dynamic texture, color, sound, fragrance and wildlife.

Chartreuse Landscape Design creates outdoor spaces for the sheer pleasure of the client and for the benefit of the community at large.   



Garden Design   

The creative process starts with a site visit and interviewing the client for specific wants, needs, desires and budget for the landscape. Creating usable/functional spaces that are low maintenance and use minimal water can be achieved as well as gardens that include vegetables, cut flowers and specimen plants.

Garden Design services include:

  • Site Analysis

  • Concept Design (style, theme or feel of the garden)

  • Master Plan (hardscape plan, functional areas, general planting beds)

  • Planting Plan (specific plants and quantities located on the Master Plan)

  • Construction Drawings are available if needed


Project Management 

Project management of garden installation typically  includes contractor selection, bid process, oversight of hardscape installation, irrigation, water features, lighting and plant installation.  Cost for project management is 10% of the construction budget.


Garden Consultation & Coaching ($125/hr. with 1 hour minimum) 


Questions about design, general gardening practices and complex landscape problems are welcome.

Consultations include: 

  • Screening ideas

  • Plant choices for specific areas

  • Winning plant combinations

  • Plant identification

  • Pruning tips

  • Creating healthy soil

  • Seasonal garden practices/what to do when and why

  • Space planning

  • Exterior house paint color


Plant Procurement and Installation  

Buying the right healthy plants and using horticulturaly sound planting methods is critical to a gardens’ success.  We will purchase and install most small trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals your garden needs.


Container Gardens

Containers/planters are designed with the goal of creating year round visual appeal and sustainability.  Containers can be a focal point or a jewel in the landscape, on a porch patio or in a garden bed.  A portion of the plants can last multiple seasons, with a fraction of the plants being switched out for seasonal interest and excitement. Containers can give a home year round pleasure with a minimum of maintenance.  


Fine Pruning  

 Good pruning is critical to a plants' longevity and and overall appeal.  Aesthetic pruning to guide a plants growth, limit size, create good airflow and promote overall plant health is available for plants, shrubs and trees accessible at ground level.



  $125/hr for consultations and coaching.  $100/hour for design.  Project Oversight is charged at 10% of project budget. $100/hour for fine pruning. $100/hour for commute time (first 15 minutes, no charge).