Art-itechture For Urban Wildlife

Design problem

Create a Garden for the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, around the theme of ‘ART’. Design for drama in low light, using a built structure, hardscape, a variety of plants available in late winter, the ability to have the public move through the space, incorporate a water feature and create a balanced environment using hardscape shapes and plants as architecture.


Design Solutions

  1. Create an Art Gallery of ‘Extreme Birdhouses’ mounted on tall poles in a serpentine formation, where the birdhouses perform a dual function as ‘Art in the Garden’ and urban bird habitat.

  2. Use circle shapes in a deck and staircase to reinforce the the serpentine layout of the birdhouse poles and use strong rectilinear shapes for the pond/water feature, path, raised garden beds and house fascade.  

  3. Use bright colors to highlight the birdhouses and poles and rich color in the plantings and hardscape.

  4. Create an elevated deck as a gallery floor for people to enjoy the potential birdwatching and pond viewing.


Gold Medal For Design

APLD Washington group photo